Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • What should I expect during my first year of teaching?

  • What should I be doing right now to be ready for the school year?

  • Where do I start?

  • Where do I go for help?

What If You Could Have

  • A Support Group

    A Facebook group full of first-year teachers and supportive veteran teachers ready to support you and offer advice as needed. This community can be your lifeline throughout the year.

  • Timely Topics

    Many topics that will apply directly to your first year in the classroom. These topics have been handpicked and researched to ensure they are helpful to you and your students.

  • Teaching Strategies

    Research-based teaching strategies that are classroom-proven and student approved! These engagement strategies will be shared throughout the year in a meaningful way.

  • Meet Alyssa

    Hi, I am Alyssa from Teaching in the Fast Lane and I am here to support you! It is my goal to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed during your first year of teaching. Your first year of teaching can be a wild ride, but with the support and encouragement of fellow teachers, it will be a success!

    Alyssa from Teaching in the Fast Lane

    Your Personal Cheerleader

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the First Year Teacher Club!
    Show details
    • Welcome Letter
    • Welcome Video
  • 02
    Planning for the School Year
    Show details
    • Planning for the School Year
    • Planning for the School Year Workbook
    • Completion Certificate
  • 03
    The First Day of School
    Show details
    • Preparing for the First Day of School
    • First Day of School Workbook
    • Back to School Cooperative Learning Activities
    • Ways to Partner Students
    • Completion Certificate
  • 04
    Classroom Community Building
    Show details
    • Classroom Community Building
    • Community Building Workbook
    • Continents Jigsaw
    • Completion Certificate
  • 05
    Classroom Management Fix-Up Strategies
    Show details
    • Classroom Management Fix-Up Strategies
    • 10 Ways to Give Positive Attention
    • Student Reward Coupons
    • Student Reflection Sheet
    • Completion Certificate
  • 06
    School-Community Connection
    Show details
    • School-Community Connections Video
    • School-Community Connection Workbook
    • Student and Family Surveys (Teacher Evaluations)
    • Completion Certificate
  • 07
    Social Emotional Learning
    Show details
    • Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom
    • Social Emotional Learning Workbook
    • Completion Certificate
  • 08
    Time-Management Strategies
    Show details
    • Teacher Time-Management Strategies
    • Time Management Workbook
    • Time Audit and Tiered To Do Lists
    • Completion Certificate
  • 09
    Engagement Through Gamification
    Show details
    • Gamifying the Classroom for Review
    • Gamification for Review Workbook
    • Stinky Feet Editable Template
    • Completion Certificate
  • 10
    Show details
    • Differentiation in the Classroom
    • Differentiation WB
    • Tic Tac Toe Choice Boards
    • Completion Certificate
  • 11
    Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum
    Show details
    • Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum
    • Integrating Writing Workbook
    • Photo Quick Writes
    • Completion Certificate
  • 12
    Show details
    • Happy Teacher EBook
    • Back to School Forms
    • Lesson Plan Templates
    • PowerPoint Lesson Plan Template


  • This isn't my first year in the classroom, is this club still for me?

    Absolutely! If you would like to surround yourself in a supportive online community and really strive to be the best teacher you can be I invite you to join us! You experience will be invaluable to others in the club and the exercises we complete throughout the year will help you to add tools to your teacher toolbelt!

  • How long will I have access to the club?

    Once you are in, you will have lifetime access!

  • How much of a time commitment will the First Year Teacher Club be?

    Like most things, you will get out of the First Year Teacher Club what you put into it. The materials for each topic will take less than an hour to go through, but putting it into your plans and using the strategies with your students is where the magic is!

  • What do I get for my money?

    You will receive content on topics important to a successful first year of teaching along with teaching strategies and a Facebook community full of support!

  • How do I get the First Year Teacher Club content?

    Right here on Thinkific! You will sign up for an account and have access to all the materials right here.

  • How are refunds handled?

    Due to the nature of the course, I am unable to offer refunds

  • I didn't find the First Year Club until after the school year began, can I still join?

    Of course, you can! Once the content is released for the year it remains available for the life of the course. This means you will have access to all the current and previous content for as long as you are a member.

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