Bite-sized professional development designed to engage you in monthly professional development when you need it!

What is Pit Stop PD?

What is included in this monthly, subscription-based, professional development community?

  • PD Video

    Each month you will receive a brief professional development video on the month's topic. All videos will be short, sweet, and to the point. Their purpose is to provide you with meaningful information that will benefit you and your students in the classroom in a timely manner.

  • Resources

    A PDF or PowerPoint resource you can use in your classroom immediately will be provided each month. These resources will be correlated to the monthly topic explained in the video and will provide you with tremendous value for your students. Each month's resources are guaranteed to be worth at least the monthly price of the club if purchased separately.

  • A Community

    A private Facebook community full of like-minded educators to support one another. This group will be for Pit Stop PD members only and will serve to further our learning together. This is where our live Q&A sessions will be held each month.

Pit Stop PD Topics

Each month a new topic will be introduced. Topics will include pedagogy, teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and more!

  • 01
    Welcome to Pit Stop PD!
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    • Welcome Message!
    • Welcome Video
  • 02
    February 2019 - Integrating Writing Into Content Areas
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    • Integrating Writing Into Everything Video
    • PowerPoint Notes Pages
    • Science Photo Quick Writes
    • February Completion Certificate
  • 03
    March 2019 - Gamifying Test Prep
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    • Gamifying Test Prep Video
    • PowerPoint Notes Pages
    • Gamification Resources
    • March Completion Certificate
  • 04
    April 2019 - Differentiating Instruction
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    • Differentiating Any Assignment Video
    • PowerPoints Notes Pages
    • Differentiation Resources
    • April Completion Certificate
  • 05
    May 2019 - Attention Seeking Students
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    • Attention Seeking Students Video
    • PowerPoint Notes
    • Positive Attention One-Pager
    • May Completion Certificate

How I Will Support You Through Pit Stop PD

I have a masters in curriculum and instruction and after years of teaching students, I am now excited to be teaching fellow educators! My vision and goals for Pit Stop PD are to spread engaging teaching strategies and pedagogically strong resources through our teaching community all while being a teacher's cheerleader. Together I know we can build a supportive community for the betterment of ourselves and our students!
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More About Pit Stop PD

  • Who is Pit Stop PD For?

    Are you a teacher who has a grasp on their classroom, but needs quick and timely fix-up strategies to take their teaching to the next level? Pit Stop PD is for you! Are you a teacher who needs reminders throughout the year that you are on the right track? Pit Stop PD is for you! Are you a teacher who likes to keep learning and stay on top of their field? Pit Stop PD is for you!

  • Who is Pit Stop PD NOT For?

    If you know everything there is to know about the teaching field and don't need timely reminders that will improve your craft, Pit Stop PD is NOT for you. If you don't like timely reminders and quick fix-up strategies for your classroom, Pit Stop PD is NOT for you.

What Does Pit Stop PD Cost?